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The Story

This was a semester project during the fifth semester of my study in Media Technology and Design. When we came up with the idea of creating a web data visualisation, the hardest decision was which data to use. Instead of working with statistical data (which we considered as too boring) we wanted to visualise live data and it was standing to reason to use social networks as our data source.

The initial plan was to visualise three different networks (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) to show a comparison between them but we quickly recognised that it was not to ease to get access to the right data. Twitter was the only network that allowed a continuous stream and that provided us with the most data. Looking back it was a good thing to concentrate on just one network as there were many other features that needed to be done.

Technologies & Techniques

As the aim of the project was to create something new and experimental, we also tried out a lot of technologies that were new to us. To hold a continuous connection to the Twitter servers we used Node.js and Websockets. WebGL and three.js were used for the data visualisation on the 3D controllable globe. For the speech recognition and voice commands we used the Web Speech API. As I also wrote my bachelor thesis about the usage of this API within the project I now know quite a lot about it .

Other technologies: Backbone.jsUnderscore.js

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  • 24. February 2017 Reply

    Hi Flo my old friend!

    We have a new intern from Lithuania who I wanted to show your Tweezee project too, but we see only a holding page now, thats a big shame!

    Anyway, hope you are well and have found a good job.

    Keep in touch.

    Mike (webdezign)

    • 28. February 2017 Reply

      Hi Mike,

      glad to hear from you! Are the Lithuanians as good in eating as the Austrians? Sorry to disappoint you about Tweezee, as it is quite an experimental project we didn’t find a hoster for long-term hosting. So I’m afraid it’s not online any more. I too think that it’s a shame and will be trying to find a solution soon!

      Hope everything’s going well at Webdezign and the computer we built is still working 🙂


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