The Dotches

Recording an Austrian Rock Band

The Background

This was a semester project during the fourth semester of my study in Media Technology and Design. We provided the Austrian rock band The Dotches with a professional studio recording of one of their songs as well as a small video, a website and a logo. The song was especially created for the purpose of the recording as we wanted to add a trumpet as an additional instrument to make it more challenging. We spent four days in the university studio and grand lecture hall (where the band played during the recording) which included a lot of microphones, cables, Red Bull, lift journeys and most importently: a lot of fun!


The Story

After learning a few things about the different parts of audio design in the third semester of our study, we decided that we wanted to improve our skills by recording a band. Fortunately, Sabine knew The Dotches and they were more than happy to work with us. So they wrote a song featuring a trumpeter though it was not really finished by the time we started to record. The good thing about this was that we could contribute our ideas into the song too. We spent four great days recording at our university, using the acoustic of the great lecture hall for the drums and the trumpet. It was a very interesting experience to have the band playing two floors beneath us sitting in the studio and recording. We used a lot of different microphones and other equipment to test out the different possibilities and I’m proud of the final outcome! Recording wasn’t enough for us, that’s why we also provided the band with a logo, a website and a video that we shot during the recording session.




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