World's Best Sound Clock

The Concept

Slock is your favourite Sound Clock! Way cooler than traditional clocks, Slock plays back time with specific sounds enabling its users to hear the time! As this requires some training, Slock also provides its users with an intuitive learning tool that makes getting to know Slocks concept a breeze. Try it yourself!

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Slock – World's best Sound Clock

Technologies & Techniques

Slock is built with the amazing JavaScript Framework React. This was my first React project and a great opportunity to try it out. And I think it turned out quite nice! Slock also uses the Web Audio API for playing back the right sounds at the right time as well as the Web Speech API for the voice commands functionality. Try it out in Google Chrome (as other browsers don’t support it yet). For the frontend work I used Twitter Bootstrap (the 4 alpha release with its cool flexbox grid system) and SASS. I know that Slock is not responsive (due to the limit time available for this project ;-). Still it does what it does: proving that with a little training you can actually use a solely auditive clock :-).


The Story

This was a semester project during the third semester of my study in Digital Media Technologies. The aim was to create something related to sound design and while my colleagues mostly decided to go the traditional way I wanted to combine it with a new experience. As clocks play a big role in my everyday life, the idea to do something clock wise (ha, funny!) was born. To create a solely acoustic clock isn’t too easy and some research had to be done. I wanted to work with intervals as they are (in my opinion) the easiest way to represent numbers in a musical context. Not everybody can hear intervals which made it important to also provide the users with a learning tool. As I don’t want to bore you any further with the details I will stop here but don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment if you are interested in the process of how Slock was created.

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