Not the yellow from the egg

An ironic view of the Austrian English

The Idea

There are times in the designing process where you just have to admit that you are not on the right way. Some things are just not the yellow from the egg (very free translation from German), but I’m glad that this defenitely does not apply to this design at all!

Although English is taught as a  second language in all Austrian schools, some people (mostly politicians) don’t really get the concept behind it. This video is the perfect example (background: “Das Geschäft mit der Liebe” is an Austrian TV show where Austrian men go to western countries to find women. Robert Nissel, the guy in the video, calls himself the “love coach”).


  1. Take an egg
  2. Break it open
  3. Put the yolk onto an A4 piece of paper
  4. Take a picture
  5. Use any program to put a text into the picture
  6. Voilá!
  7. Use the egg to cook a meal that you like (I recommend Kaiserschmarren)


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