A Platform for Creative Minds

The Concept

Ideenzirkus is a web platform to bring people with creative digital ideas and those who are able to implement them together. Idea providers often face the problem, that they are not able to transform their ideas into a concrete product due to lack of skills. On the other hand there are a lot of developers in the digital world that would love to be part of innovative new projects. Ideenzirkus helps those two groups to find each other and is therefore the perfect starting point for your digital startup.

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Technologies & Techniques

As this was our first big web project we decided to go with WordPress. Having only little knowledge in PHP it was hard to get into it in the first place but also great fun and we spent more than one night sitting in front of the computer trying to find the one small error that caused a big problem. We developed our own WordPress plugins to get the site doing what we wanted it to do. Looking back it would have been better to have used a framework instead of WordPress but it also helped me improve my WordPress skills a lot.

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The Story

This was a semester project during the third semester of my study in Media Technology and Design. It was the first big project that I worked on and is therefore something very special. Our clients initially wanted to create a classical crowd funding platform. As you may have recognised the concept changed a lot during the creation process and the idea of the platform is now different. This change of concept was one of the big challenges within this project but we managed to deal with it and came up with a great solution. At the end of the semester (which should have been the end of the project too) we had a working prototype but we wanted to carry on working on it. After one more year of adaptions and improvements the platform finally went live at the beginning of 2015. We are happy to be part of the startup “Ideenzirkus” and are looking forward to improving the platform even more.



Moreover …

… we used another study project as the opportunity to create a click through animation for the platform. It should help first time users to get to know what they can do on Ideenzirkus in an attractive and appealing way.



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